What is a digital Pound really useful for?

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About this webinar

Aside from simply digitising our national currency to bring it in line with the modern world, what is a digital currency actually useful for? How would a digital Pound make a concrete difference and add value to the way things operate today? Various benefits are put forward for Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) and new forms of digital money including delivering more efficient payment mechanisms, promoting financial inclusion, digitising trade and so on. In this webinar, we will hear from a range of practitioners who are piloting or implementing real-world use cases for a digital Pound and debate with a panel of experts around where CBDCs and privately-issued stablecoins can really deliver on these goals.

Speakers & Panellists

William Lorenz, Payment Strategy Director, Modulr

William Lorenz

Digital Pound Foundation Use Case Working Group Co-Lead


James Wallis, Vice President at RippleX

James Wallis

Vice President, Central Bank Engagements and CBDCs, Ripple

Keynote Speaker

Chris Ostrowski SODA

Chris Ostrowski

CEO and Co-Founder, SODA (Sovereign Official Digital Association)


Jakub Zmuda Modulr

Jakub Zmuda

Chief Strategy Officer, Modulr


Andrew Dare CGI

Andrew Dare

CTO Banking and Financial Markets Director Consulting Expert, CGI


Claire Conby, Executive Director & Chief Risk Officer at Billon Group

Claire Conby

Executive Director and Chief Risk Officer, Billon


David Karney, Worldline

David Karney

Head of Digital Assets, Worldline


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