Global Counsel partners with the Digital Pound Foundation

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We are delighted to announce that Global Counsel has become a strategic partner of the Digital Pound Foundation (DPF). Global Counsel is a global strategic advisory firm providing integrated consultancy services to clients working with policy change.

Global Counsel and the DPF will collaborate on areas of overlapping interest across their policy and advocacy activities, as well as coordinating on joint educational and awareness initiatives such as podcasts, webinars and other events. 

Commenting on the partnership, David Song, Associate Director, Global Counsel said: “It is a fascinating time for digital money and assets in the UK, with the next couple of years presenting unique challenges considering reforms to the payments regime in the UK, a potential stablecoin and crypto asset regime. We will also see a much bigger public policy debate on the benefits of a digital pound. For these reasons we very much look forward to closer collaboration with the Digital Pound Foundation.”

Jannah Patchay, Executive Director and Policy Lead, Digital Pound Foundation added: “We look forward to closer collaboration with Global Counsel in the DPF’s policy activities. The DPF continues to build an ecosystem and community of participants leading at the forefront of the digital money landscape, and Global Counsel’s expertise, at the junction of politics, business and policymaking, is an extremely strong addition to our network of partners”.

Interested in becoming a member of the Digital Pound Foundation? If you would like to learn more about DPF membership, and its many benefits and opportunities, please head over to our membership page, or reach out to Michelle Brook, Membership Community Manager, directly via email:

For more information about Global Counsel, please visit:

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