Transformative Potential: Digital Money in Wholesale Markets | Poundcast Episode 3

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In episode 3, our host Jannah Patchay, Policy Lead and originating member of the Digital Pound Foundation, speaks to Olaf Ransome, founder of 3C Advisory and also known as The Banker’s Plumber. In this interview, we turn our attention to the applications of new forms of digital money in wholesale markets. As we’ll see, the potential of digital currencies to improve settlement times has massive implications for liquidity and funding across the financial system.

In the digital asset space there are new exchanges or execution venues and new custody solutions. Settlement processes also need a means of payment. The line to date is that if the assets are on-chain then we need that means of payment to be on-chain. What are the requirements for something to be a widely accepted means of payment and settlement? And does it have to be central-bank issued or backed by reserves held at a central bank?

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