Poundcast Episode 15: The Social and Economic Benefits of a CBDC, with Simon Youel of Positive Money

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In Episode 15 of the Poundcast, we are joined by Simon Youel, Head of Policy and Advocacy at Positive Money, a key player in the realm of economic reform and an advocate for the responsible creation and distribution of money. As a recent addition to the DPF community, Positive Money brings a wealth of insights into the transformative potential of digital currencies in enhancing social and economic policies. During this episode, Simon discusses the foundational issues of how money and banking systems operate, the misconceptions around money creation, and the pivotal role banks play in economic stability. The conversation delves into the evolution of Positive Money’s focus from the mechanics of money creation to broader economic reforms, including the advocacy for digital currencies and improved macroeconomic policies. Simon explains the innovative proposals for central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), emphasising the need for secure, inclusive digital payment systems that reduce reliance on traditional banks and enhance financial inclusivity. We also explore the implications of digital money for green finance, housing policies, and macroeconomic management. Simon stresses the importance of considering digital money not just as a technological innovation but as a tool for achieving better socio-economic outcomes and addressing contemporary challenges like climate change and economic inequality.

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