Positive Money Partners with the Digital Pound Foundation to Raise Awareness for the Social and Economic Benefits of Digital Money

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We are delighted to announce that Positive Money has joined the Digital Pound Foundation (DPF) as a strategic partner. Positive Money is an independent, not-for-profit research and campaigning organisation working towards a money and banking system that supports a fair, democratic and sustainable economy. The group is politically non-partisan and engages with policymakers from across all major political parties. 

Set up in the aftermath of the financial crisis, Positive Money is funded by charitable trusts and foundations, as well as small donations from its network of over 65,000 supporters. Positive Money helped launch the International Movement for Monetary Reform, in order to coordinate with partners around the world. Its Advisory Panel includes reform-minded economics professors, authors, entrepreneurs and people from across the financial markets industry.

Positive Money and the DPF will collaborate on areas of mutual interest and alignment across the two organisations’ policy and advocacy activities, as well as coordinating on joint educational and awareness initiatives such as podcasts, webinars and other events.

Commenting on the partnership, Simon Youel, Head of Policy and Advocacy, Positive Money said: “As one of the first civil society organisations to advocate for digital cash in the UK, we have been pleased to see widening interest in the prospect of a digital Pound in recent years. The Digital Pound Foundation has a key role to play in bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders and perspectives to explore the potential impacts of new forms of money, and we are excited to be part of this mission.”

Jannah Patchay, Executive Director and Policy Lead, Digital Pound Foundation added: “We are very pleased to welcome Positive Money to the DPF as a strategic partner. Positive Money is already making an impact on the development of CBDC policy via its existing campaigns and close engagement with policymakers across Europe. We look forward to exploring avenues through which we can collaborate in raising awareness of the potential social and economic benefits that new forms of digital money can deliver.”

If you would like to learn more about DPF membership, and its many benefits and opportunities, please head over to our membership page, or reach out to Michelle Brook, Membership Community Manager, directly via email: membership@digitalpoundfoundation.com.

For more information about Positive Money, please visit: https://positivemoney.org/ or email: simon.youel@positivemoney.org.uk.

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