Individual Expert Member: William Lorenz

William Lorenz, Individual Expert Member, Digital Pound Foundation

William Lorenz is an Individual Expert Member at the Digital Pound Foundation and leads the DPF’s Use Case Working Group. He has founded and grown two international fintech businesses and been a C-level contributor to many more. He’s an experienced and agile leader with an in-depth understanding of financial technology, payments and the challenges of scaling a business and has become a sought-after mentor and consultant for early-stage companies in the industry.

His journey into the fintech realm began after a successful career in management consultancy, and in 2002 he founded Ixaris Systems which grew from 3 to 100 employees and revenues in excess of £15 million p.a, before being sold and achieving a remarkable 10x exit for its early-stage investors. William later embarked on another entrepreneurial adventure in 2013 when he co-founded Kwanji in the SME foreign exchange comparison space.

William is an active mentor and consultant to early-stage fintech companies. His decision to become a mentor at CDL-Oxford, a curated fintech program, was fueled by his desire to give back and help others with the knowledge and experience he gained throughout his founder  journey.

When asked why he chose to join the Digital Pound Foundation, William responded “I got involved with the DPF when I worked for Modulr, who were looking at how they might position themselves as an innovator in the digital Pound / CBDC space. When I later moved on to a portfolio career in early 2023 it was natural to make the DPF part of the mix, and I joined to lead the DPF’s Use Case Working Group. I’m by nature a delivery / practical application person and hence this work is a perfect fit with my skillset and I look forward to continue working to uncover the detail of and define retail use cases of real value to UK citizens.”

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