Digital Pound Foundation joins forces with industry bodies to launch the Digital Currency Glossary, fostering better education on key terms

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The Digital Pound Foundation is pleased to be part of launching a new educational tool – the Digital Currency Glossary – which has been developed in collaboration with leading industry bodies and firms including Innovate Finance, TheCityUK, City of London Corporation, UK Finance, The Payments Association, CryptoUK, Clifford Chance, CMS, The Realization Group, Greengage, and Cummings Pepperdine

Designed to spread greater awareness and understanding of key terms relating to new forms of digital money, the glossary was created as a collaboration with leading industry bodies and firms who share a common interest in education and advocacy. The 20-page booklet demystifies the essential terminology and jargon that has emerged around digital currency and new forms of digital money, which can be tricky to unpack for those unfamiliar with the industry.

Digital currencies have rapidly gained momentum over the past few years and have the potential to change how society thinks about and uses money. There is no doubt that this is an area of growing interest for many consumers, merchants and financial institutions. 

The adoption of new forms of regulated digital money across the globe will open up opportunities for the UK to remain competitive in leading the digitisation of the UK’s financial services sector. Understanding the language of this new industry and technology will be vital for policy makers and business leaders alike and will help them to recognise and evaluate the enormous potential of new forms of digital money for the UK economy.

Click here to read the glossary in full

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