The Future of Money – does the UK need a digital Pound? A fireside chat with the Bank of England

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The emergence of digital currencies has been driven by a combination of factors: frontier technologies and their use in payments innovation, increasingly global networks and communities, and a growing recognition that transition to a digital economy will require new forms of digital money. Although initially driven by the private sector, central banks and governments have been quick to see the benefits and potential of digital-native forms of currency, as well as the possible economic, monetary and political drawbacks to private sector dominance in this area. Central bank digital currency (CBDC) represents the means by which public money can retain a role in this brave new world.

The Digital Pound Foundation was launched as an independent, non-profit organisation to work with a variety of stakeholders and participants towards the implementation of a well-designed Digital Pound. Recognising that both public and private sector have a role to play in the new digital money landscape, the Foundation’s remit will also include advocacy for an inclusive, well-regulated, secure and transparent ecosystem that encompasses both CBDC and privately-issued forms of digital money.

This webinar was hosted on Wednesday 10th November 2021 by the Digital Pound Foundation to address the needs of a UK Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). Joining us was a special guest from the Bank of England, William Lovell, their Head of Future Technology. This was an incredibly insightful event considering the announcement made that same day by the Bank of England regarding the introduction of a CBDC consultation period in 2022. This webinar is not one to be missed! You can watch the full webinar above.

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