IMF Paper Addresses Cross-Border Payments Benefits and Challenges Using CBDCs

Global payments

As central banks worldwide continue to contemplate the issuance of central bank digital currencies (CBDC), a recent paper from the International Monetary Fund (IMF), written by André Reslow, Gabriel Soderberg, and Natsuki Tsuda, explores the potential benefits and challenges of implementing retail CBDCs for cross-border payments. The paper emphasises the importance of factoring in cross-border […]

Digital Money and Central Banks Balance Sheet

Digital Money and Central Banks Balance Sheet

Source: IMF Digital money is a logical step in a process of continuous technological advancement in payment systems. In response, central banks are reviewing their conduct of monetary operations in light of the new shape of financial markets and systems. The impact of digital money will depend on the type of money substitution by digital […]

Taking digital currencies offline

Payments Working Group

Original Source: IMF As the world’s central banks rush to develop digital currencies, almost all the research and trials focus on internet-based technology. What will happen when the web goes down in a war or a natural disaster? And what about the 75 percent of the world’s adult low-income population that doesn’t even have internet […]

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