ECB publishes second progress report on the digital euro investigation phase

ECB publishes second progress report on the digital euro investigation phase

Source: ECB The ECB has published the second progress report on the investigation phase of a digital euro. It outlines the developments made since the first progress report, which was published in September 2022. The report details a second set of design and distribution options that were recently endorsed by the Governing Council and describes the roles of the […]

Demystifying wholesale central bank digital currency

Source: ECB. Speech by Fabio Panetta, Member of the Executive Board of the ECB, at the Symposium on “Payments and Securities Settlement in Europe – today and tomorrow” hosted by the Deutsche Bundesbank Let me first thank the Deutsche Bundesbank, and President Nagel in particular, for inviting me to speak at today’s symposium. I would […]

Working Paper Series: The economics of central bank digital currency (CBDC)

Original Source: European Central Bank (ECB) Abstract This paper provides a structured overview of the burgeoning literature on the economics of CBDC. We document the economic forces that shape the rise of digital money and review motives for the issuance of CBDC. We then study the implications for the financial system and discuss of a […]

Working Paper Series: Towards the holy grail of cross-border payments

Original Source: ECB Abstract The holy grail of cross-border payments is a solution allowing cross-border payments to be immediate, cheap, universal, and settled in a secure settlement medium. The search for such a solution is as old as international commerce and the implied need to pay. This paper describes current visions how to eventually find […]

Stablecoins’ role in crypto and beyond: functions, risks and policy

Original Source: European Central Bank (ECB) Prepared by Mitsu Adachi, Pedro Bento Pereira Da Silva, Alexandra Born, Massimo Cappuccio, Stephanie Czák-Ludwig, Isabella Gschossmann, Georg Paula, Antonella Pellicani, Sarah-Maria Philipps, Mirjam Plooij, Ines Rossteuscher and Pierfrancesco Zeoli[1] Stablecoins are in the spotlight due to their rapid growth, increasing global use cases and potential financial risk contagion […]