Poundcast Episode 14: Exploring the Future of Digital Currency in Africa, with Adedeji Owonibi of Convexity

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In Episode 14 of the Poundcast, we delve into the dynamic world of African digital currency with Adedeji Owonibi, Founder and CEO at Convexity. Adedeji shares his expertise on the developments in the Nigerian CBDC and stablecoin space, shedding light on initiatives like the eNaira and the African Stablecoin Consortium. He discusses the vision behind the cNGN stablecoin and its potential benefits for the Nigerian economy, fintech ecosystem, and digital strategy implementation. Adedeji also offers insights into the challenges and opportunities surrounding the adoption of CBDCs, highlighting the innovative solutions being built on top of these platforms. From regulatory discussions to technological innovations, this conversation provides valuable insights into the future of digital currency in Africa.

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