Payments Working Group

The goal of the Digital Pound Foundation’s Payments Working Group is to identify, define and articulate key risks, challenges and benefits arising from the introduction of new forms of digital money, including central bank digital currencies (CBDC), stablecoins, and e-money tokens, and to communicate these effectively to policymakers, regulators, financial markets participants, consumer and industry groups and other participants and stakeholders in the emerging ecosystem of new forms of digital money. It provides a forum where our members can communicate, collaborate and share ideas and practical solutions – from a payments perspective – towards a healthy and diverse ecosystem for new forms of digital money, whilst showcasing their skills and abilities within the sector.

5 Goals Payments Working Group

Group Leads

Leading our Payments Working Group is Alexandre Neves, Manager of Strategy & Consulting Payments at Accenture. Alexandre brings +17 years of professional experience in Payments, spanning several geographies (UK, Continental Europe, and Asia), clients (including commercial banks, central banks, and government departments), and engagements (including business architect of new payment propositions, programme manager of real-time cross-border payments, and programme manager of payment APIs).

All Digital Pound Foundation members have the opportunity to get involved in the creation of educational materials, thought leadership and resources, as well as an engaging programme of communications, publications and events, that will not only support the wider understanding of new forms of digital money, but help to showcase their knowledge and expertise. If your organisation would like to get involved with the Payments Working Group, or any of our other working groups, we would love to hear from you.

Over the past decade, there has been rapid innovation in how people make payments, and Covid-19 has accelerated these trends. The use of physical cash in payments continues to decline, and demand for convenience, especially with regard to e-commerce, has fuelled public appetite for digital payments.

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