TOKEN EUROPE 2024: The RWA Tokenization Summit

About Event

TOKEN EUROPE is an event dedicated to exploring and discussing opportunities, challenges and technological advancements in the sphere of real-world asset tokenization. Participate in our conferences, workshops and panels, meet tokenization experts, discover inspiring case studies and be at the forefront of this sustainable economic revolution.

Fundamentals and innovation

  • Introduction to Tokenization and European Market Overview: Get started with the basics of tokenization and an overview of the European landscape.
  • Technologies and Infrastructure: Explore underlying blockchain technologies, security, and solutions to technical challenges.
  • Financial Innovations and Challenges: Discuss innovations like STOs, DAOs, and the role of DeFi.
  • Future of Tokenization: Visioning the future of tokenization, including CBDCs and upcoming innovations.

Regulations and ethics

  • Regulatory Framework and Compliance: Delve deeper into the regulatory aspects of tokenization, relevant European legislation and directives such as PSD2.
  • Ethical Aspects and Sustainability: Focus on the ethical implications of tokenization, including sustainable finance and environmental impacts.

Practical applications and use cases

  • Use Cases and Sectors of Application: Present successful case studies in various sectors such as real estate, art, and financing of SMEs/startups.
  • Investment and Secondary Markets: Explore investment strategies in tokenized assets and the creation of secondary markets for liquidity.

Workshops and technical development

  • Technical Workshops: Interactive sessions on the creation, management, and trading of real asset tokens, focused on the practical aspects of the technology.
  • International Perspectives and Cooperation: Compare approaches to tokenization across different regions and discuss opportunities for international cooperation.

Start Date

18 September 2024

End Date

19 September 2024


Toqenize and NextStage


Brussels, Belgium

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