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Introducing Our 2024 Show Theme: Human X Machine

Humans and our increasingly intelligent machine counterparts are combining to create a whole new world. We must prepare to witness a metamorphosis, where the interplay of consumer and business interactions ascend to new heights, redefining not only what we experience but how we experience it. In this age of transformation, efficiency will increase in ways we can’t comprehend and there’s no portion of our ecosystem that will remain untouched by the collaboration between humans and machines. We will unveil the stories of those exceptional beings, the superhumans, who dare to navigate this uncharted territory.

The 5 Agenda Topics Are Out

  • A customer universe of one – hyperpersonalisation to the nth degree. The world coalesces around the customer.
  • The age of atomic settlement – Finance gets granular. Let’s explore the technology making it possible.
  • Meet the architects – Who’s making this possible? And why are they doing it?
  • Signal vs noise – Time to gaze into the future. How can we navigate the hype?
  • The business of money – What about the bottom line? Tell us about the routes to profit and funding.

The Session You Can’t Afford To Miss

Hold onto your beret because the first keynote has landed. Brace yourselves for none other than Former President of France, François Hollande, a true visionary leader. As a strong supporter of the French Tech Initiative, aimed at promoting innovation and entrepreneurship in France, François is the ultimate trailblazer and the stage is set for a session that’ll leave you on the edge of your seat.

We Let The Numbers Talk

  • 8,500+ Attendees
  • 2,300+ Attending Companies
  • 390+ Sponsors
  • 100+ Countries Represented
  • 300+ Press Represented Onsite
  • 350+ Speakers

Here You’ll Find Everyone Who Matters in Money

Money20/20 is home to the global leaders and challengers. From tech giants to the fastest-growing startups, everyone who is someone in money is found here – ready to access the knowledge, trends, expert insights, and new ideas while making the connections to prepare for what’s coming next for the money ecosystem.

The Attendee List

We’re ready to open our doors to the industry leaders once again. We’re talking HSBC, Morgan Stanley, UBS, ABN Amro, ING, Barclays, and Citi, and 2,300 more big names, all under one roof! Our attending companies are ready to make waves. Will you be there too?

Start Date

4 June 2024

End Date

6 June 2024


Money 20/20


Amsterdam, Netherlands

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