FTT Embedded Finance & Super-Apps 2024

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Discover FTT Embedded Finance & Super-Apps. Explore a future where the universe of potential financial services providers is expanding rapidly and beyond the traditional players. We will be convening an exciting and disruptive community of retailers, manufacturers, insurers, telcos, financial institutions, fintechs and tech innovators.

2023 Key event stats

Look forward to a day packed full of lessons from world-class speakers, networking with the entire embedded finance ecosystem, making connections via our match-making service and enjoying some of the best food and drink London has to offer!

  • 600+ Attendees
  • 60% Embedders
  • 150+ Rockstar speakers
  • 1 day Live Interactive Networking

2023 Key themes


What does it mean when financial services are provided outside traditional financial institutions? Who benefits from embedding those products and services in new channels? Are Super-Apps the new must have? Who will win the hearts and minds of businesses and customers who increasingly expect everything they need at their fingertips?


Financial products are increasingly being distributed to end users by non-financial enterprises. Hear directly from leading brands as we discuss the opportunity and challenges when it comes to ‘embedding’ financial services into customer journeys. Learn how brands are working with partners across the ecosystem to create experiences that deliver on the expectations of customers – today and in the future.


Explore the technologies enabling a direct connection between non-financial institutions and end users. Hear from industry leaders and meet the innovators leading the way. Make sense of  PaaS, BaaS, IaaS, Open Finance,  APIs and all the tools and tech that are leading the drive to embedded finance and SuperApps.


Payments may often be the starting point but embedded finance is being created with many different financial products in mind. Explore how it takes shape in different contexts and where the greatest potential is to be found.


Where and from whom will businesses and consumers purchase insurance? As we enter an age where insurance products can be offered at just the right time and context, how can providers of goods and services effectively add insurance products?


Expanding access to wealth management tools is central to financial well-being for consumers and businesses. The potential scale of the market is large, very large. Using embedded wealth management to access that ‘untapped’ opportunity could expand the size of the wealth management market significantly.

Start Date

21 May 2024

End Date

21 May 2024


VC Innovations


London, United Kingdom

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