Attitudes to ‘Digital Pound’ under the microscope

Attitudes to ‘Digital Pound’ under the microscope

The University of Manchester’s Centre for Financial Technology Studies, with support from the Digital Pound Foundation, has released a new report titled “Paths to Success for a Digital Pound: A Research Note on Consumer Attitudes to Adoption“. Authored by Andrew Buckley, Vasileios Karountzos, and Professor Markos Zachariadis, the report explores consumer perspectives on a Digital […]

DPF Summer Event (17 July 2024)

An image representing privacy and identity in digital form

Details Location: London, United KingdomDate: Wednesday 17 July 2024Organised by: Digital Pound FoundationHosted by: CMS Description The Bank of England is actively exploring the introduction of a retail digital Pound Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC). In the course of its public engagement, through discussions and consultations, privacy has emerged as a key concern from a wide […]

How Star Wars and Star Trek Got The Future of Money So Wrong! | Poundcast Episode 17

In episode 17 of the Poundcast, we are thrilled to host technologist and thought leader Dave Birch. With a rich background in secure communications and financial services, Dave shares his insights on the evolution of money from physical forms to digital assets. We delve into the historical context of money, discuss the role of digital […]

​Driving growth in digital assets markets

Image representing digital assets and blockchain interoperability

Source: Quant Quant Founder and CEO, Gilbert Verdian, recently had an in-depth conversation with Dominic Hobson, the co-founder of Future of Finance. They delved into the opportunities, challenges, and threats related to accelerating institutional adoption of digital assets. ​There are many factors encouraging, shaping and, in some cases, preventing the emergence of large-scale, global digital […]

Global Counsel partners with the Digital Pound Foundation

Photo of modern corporate building

We are delighted to announce that Global Counsel has become a strategic partner of the Digital Pound Foundation (DPF). Global Counsel is a global strategic advisory firm providing integrated consultancy services to clients working with policy change. Global Counsel and the DPF will collaborate on areas of overlapping interest across their policy and advocacy activities, […]

Functional needs for personal data within a payments system

Functional needs for personal data within a payments system

1. Purpose of this paper This paper is intended to provide a high-level framework of personal data types and functional uses of personal data within the ecosystem of a payments system.  Its objective is to facilitate discussions on privacy in the context of a digital Pound by enabling consistent terminology.  Some functional elements described in […]

Digital Money Event (23 October 2024)

Digital Pound Conference 2024

Details Location: London, United KingdomDate: Wednesday 23 October 2024Organised by: Digital Pound Foundation Description The Digital Money Event 2024 is the destination annual event for discussing the implementation of a digital Pound in both public and private forms. Assembling up to 200 guests, our members, partners, fintechs, policymakers, leading academics and the media will meet to […]

The Social and Economic Benefits of a CBDC | Poundcast Episode 15

The Social and Economic Benefits of a CBDC

In Episode 15 of the Poundcast, we are joined by Simon Youel, Head of Policy and Advocacy at Positive Money, a key player in the realm of economic reform and an advocate for the responsible creation and distribution of money. As a recent addition to the DPF community, Positive Money brings a wealth of insights […]

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