China Minsheng Bank and Collaborate to Introduce Digital Yuan Payment Service

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China’s Minsheng Bank has revealed a strategic partnership with, a prominent e-commerce giant with a strong interest in central bank digital currencies (CBDCs), to inaugurate a digital payment service powered by the digital Chinese Yuan (CNY).

In a recent report by Shzhidao (via Sohu), Minsheng Bank’s customers located within the CBDC pilot zone can now seamlessly link their bank-issued digital wallets to their accounts, facilitating CBDC transactions on the platform.

Often referred to as the Amazon of China, has been a key ally of the People’s Bank of China (PBoC) since the early stages of the CBDC pilot program. The partnership between and Minsheng Bank underscores the two entities’ commitment to advancing digital payment solutions in the rapidly evolving financial landscape.

To stimulate the adoption of this novel payment method, Minsheng Bank has introduced an enticing incentive. Customers who successfully link their digital wallets with their accounts will receive a valuable one-time discount coupon, redeemable for savings of over $4 on purchases made using digital yuan tokens.

Taking their initiative a step further, Minsheng Bank encourages customers to share details of this promotional event on various social media platforms. In return, participants may become eligible to receive an additional e-CNY coupon valued at 88 yuan (approximately $12.30).

Minsheng Bank’s involvement signals a noteworthy trend as more significant players in the Chinese banking sector embrace the nation’s rapidly expanding digital yuan pilot initiative. Officially known as the China Minsheng Banking Corporation, the institution was established in 1996.

In contrast to other participants in the CBDC pilot, which have mostly consisted of state-owned entities like the Bank of China and the Postal Savings Bank of China, Minsheng Bank stands out. It holds the distinction of being China’s first bank primarily owned by private sector interests.

Throughout its history, Minsheng Bank has demonstrated a strong focus on extending loans to small- and medium-sized enterprises, contributing to the growth of these vital economic players.

Remarkably, Minsheng Bank is no stranger to the realm of digital yuan. It previously launched a digital yuan “salary service,” which empowers companies to efficiently transfer funds to corporate accounts or compensate their employees using digital yuan tokens. Moreover, the bank pioneered a user-friendly “one-click wallet check” feature that enables customers to conveniently oversee multiple conventional accounts and digital yuan wallets.

Minsheng Bank affirms its commitment to expanding the horizons of digital yuan applications in the future, promising to introduce a variety of innovative use cases for this groundbreaking digital currency.

In a parallel development, the Chinese arm of Singaporean bank DBS announced plans in early July to introduce e-CNY solutions. Additionally, prominent Chinese telecommunications companies have expressed their readiness to accelerate the adoption of digital yuan-related services, following the unveiling of SIM card-compatible offline wallets by the People’s Bank of China.

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